40 km of ski runs

A lot of kilometers and a lot of snow-covered trails near our apartment! All thanks to the modernized Szczyrk Mountain Resort ski resort (former Szczyrkowski Ski Resort), which was combined with COS OPO Skrzyczne, and through the prism of a joint pass also with the newly created Beskid Sport Arena center. All this makes Szczyrk an ideal place for skiing both for beginners and highly advanced lovers of winter sports.

Szczyrk Mountain Resort is currently one of the largest ski resorts in Poland. It combines Small Skrzyczne and Wierch Pośredni, and also allows you to ski on the slopes of Skrzyczne. Currently, thanks to a collective ski pass, the entire ski runs are 40 km, including easy, beginner’s and FIS routes, gondola lifts, modern chair lifts, and several T-bar lifts. Everything indicates that this is just a good start and the beginning of development. The resort also put a lot of effort into a modern snowmaking system, so we do not have to worry about the lack of snow throughout the season and into several illuminated routes, which makes the evening skiing possible. In the vicinity of the resorts, there are also local mountain huts, ski schools, and ski rentals.

The location of the center – situated near our apartment – makes it possible to get to some of its parts on foot. The resort also has a large number of parking lots. Novelty and modernization are definitely the keywords of an investment that we hope will keep growing. It is also worth adding that in Szczyrk, between individual ski points you can also travel by free Skibuses, provided especially for visiting tourists. After skiing, it is worth using the COS OPO swimming pool.

Detailed information about each of the centers can be found here: