Forest attractions and excursions in the area

Forest parks, adventure parks, and rope parks have recently dominated holiday resorts. These are places eagerly visited by whole families, groups of friends, and children. There is no rule here who likes them more and who likes them less. They provide entertainment, allow you to test your skills, and are great fun every time.

Nearby Szczyrk you will find several recommendable places of this type. You will also find amusement parks in which you will see miniatures of the world’s most famous buildings or extinct dinosaurs.

Forest Park of Surprises in Ustroń

Dinosaur Park in Ustroń

All-year-round Toboggan Run on Równica in Ustroń

Adventure Park in Wisła

Orla Perć Rope Park in Brenna

The complex of 4 amusement parks in Inwałd

A longer stay in Szczyrk may also encourage you to discover the immediate vicinity. As we wrote, it is the heart of the Silesian Beskids, from which it is close to various places. The area is famous from its monuments and entertainment facilities for children and more. What do we especially recommend? A visit to Żywiec Brewery and the beer production process is a real attraction while visiting the Drawing Film Studio in Bielsko is fun for kids (and adults raised on Bielsko cartoons!).


Nearby attractions

Brewery Museum in Żywiec

Drawing Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała

– when visiting Bielsko, it is also worth finding a monument of Bolek and Lolek or Reksio and look at the Bielsko Old Town, the city also offers several good restaurants and pubs.

Cable railway to Szyndzielnia

– when visiting Bielsko, you can use the gondola to Szyndzielnia, and then go to the mountain shelter or go crazy and go back to Szczyrk through the mountains! (or vice versa!)

Lace Museum in Koniaków

– when visiting and watching the famous laces, it is worth visiting the entire region of the Tricity, including Istebna and Jaworzynka – you will find here, a historic wooden church from 1779 located on the Wooden Architecture Trail, regional taverns, or a cottage at Kawulok

A walk around the center of the Vistula is full of attractions referred to our best ski jumper – Adam Małysz. Here you will find a ski jump, a figure of Adam Małysz made of chocolate, and a charming promenade in the city center by the river. A trip to Wisła may end with a visit to the Tropicana Water Park or dinner in one of the many good and affordable restaurants. In Wisła Czarne, you can see a presidential residence and you will reach the sources of the largest Polish river, discovering the springs of Czarna and Biała Wisełka.

Mountain Żar

– a place for active people, in winter a charming, slightly demanding ski slope, in summer a paradise for cyclists and paragliders, at the top, apart from a pizzeria, you will also find a year-round toboggan run

Albatros flying school

– in the nearby Międzybrodzie Bialskie there is Góra Żar, the lake and you have the possibility of taking a course in the skies or simply take a trip with a tandem flight to sightsee and enjoy the views