On Beskid Trails

Szczyrk is located in the central point of the Silesian Beskids, and numerous tourist and hiking routes lead from it to the higher and lower parts of the mountains. The Silesian Beskids is a very charming place, where in addition to very touristic routes, you can find secluded and tranquil hiking routes without straying from the trails.

The vicinity of Szczyrk encourages hiking (or cycling!). One of the obligatory routes is certainly going to Skrzyczne, from where you can continue towards Barania Góra, reaching Malinowska Skała. You can also get to this one from the Salomopolska Pass. Another must-see is Klimczok – from there it is a stone’s throw to Szyndzielnia or Błatnia. It is also worth taking a look at the Kotarz or the Karkoszonka Pass. As befits hiking, there are plenty of variants and options of mountain trails. Each hiker will find a route for himself, arranging it by following their expectations and level of advancement. By deciding on more lazy walks or more demanding, several-hour hikes.

Tips for trips and all routes can be found here: http://www.beskidslaski.pl/Szczyrk/szlaki.html

You can determine the route yourself, knowing how long it will take you, by using the mountain calculator: