Ski Resorts nearby

Skiing is possible not only in Szczyrk. The location in the heart of the Beskids allows you to conveniently navigate the nearby ski slopes, located near Szczyrk, and thus allows for even greater skiing adventures. There are several other noteworthy slopes and resorts in the area. And all located within 25 km! Wisła, Ustroń, and Istebna tempt with well-prepared ski slopes and diversity.


You can get to Wisła from Szczyrk in half an hour, and at your disposal are Cienków Ski Station, Soszów Ski Station, Nowa Osada Ski Station, Jawornik Ski Station, and Stożek Ski Center. Each of them offers variety in terms of difficulty and length of the slopes and evening skiing, where the Cienków Ski Station and their version of the evening skiing between 21.00 – 24.00 is definitely an attraction worth trying.

In addition to the skiing attractions, Wisła also offers the Tropicana Water Park, located in the Gołębiewski Hotel, with a complex of saunas, a salt cave, and a complex of a various jacuzzi. It is a lot of attractions and water adventures for the youngest.

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Cienków Ski Station

Soszów Ski Station

Nowa Osada Ski Station

Jawornik Ski Station

Stożek Ski Center



Another nearby mountain health and recreation resort, which you can reach in 40 minutes. Here available for skiing are the White Park Palenica Ski Station, the Czantoria Ropeway, and Poniwiec Mała Czantoria.

Ustroń, like Wisła, is a place with traditions. The Czantoria Ropeway – operates in winter so that skiers and snowboarders could ski on the slopes of Czantoria at will, and in summer – transporting tourists to the upper parts of the Beskids, from where they have endless possibilities of hiking. The ropeway has been opened in the 1960s and remembers ancient times, although now renewed it has become one of the most modern in the area.

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White Park Palenica

Czantoria Ropeway

Poniwiec Mała Czantoria



It is part of the Tri-City together with Koniaków and Jaworzynka. It is located in the historic region of Cieszyn Silesia and presents a slightly different style than Wisła or Ustroń. It is a quiet town with a lot to offer. Both in winter and summer.

You can ski here in several places: Zagroń Istebna Complex, Złoty Groń Ski Center, and several smaller ski stations in Koniaków. Surrounded by wonderful Beskids, they provide amazing views. Istebna also has the Olza Water Park, where kids can go crazy after skiing, and parents can relax in water beds with massages.

All this within 50 minutes from Szczyrk. Form here it is close to our southern neighbors – the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where you will also find ski attractions.

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Zagroń Istebna Complex

Złoty Groń Ski Center

Olza Water Park