Skiing for children and beginners

The slopes of the Beskids – often gentle, can be a good ski start for children and all beginners. Among the places worth recommending, we can invite you to some of the facilities to make skiing a pleasure.

In the Skilandia Ski Kindergarten, instructors will ensure that your children ski properly. The kindergarten is located in the center of Szczyrk, in the lower part of the Beskidek slope (Beskid Sport Arena Center), and offers individual and group courses for children, broken down by age groups.

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Another noteworthy place for beginner skiers is the Biały Krzyż T-bar lift on the Salmopolska Pass. It is an iconic place in Szczyrk, where almost everyone has learned to ride … It is a very easy route, 300 m long, illuminated, perfect for learning. On-site you will also find two ski schools, ski rentals, regional inns. And nearby the children’s lift “Bartuś”.

Near the Czyrna-Solisko part (Szczyrk Mountain Resort) there are also two ski lifts for beginners: Krasnal and Skrzat. Each of them is 300 m long and is illuminated. Nearby there are also Kaimówka platter lifts with 200 m and 400 m slopes, also illuminated.

In Szczyrk, family riding and teaching skiing the youngest children can be pure pleasure!