Szczyrk Culture!

Mountain villages are famous not only for hiking trails, ski slopes, and regional taverns, where the tables are full of regional and local delicacies. Many times these towns also stand out by their unique culture! This is also the case – in Szczyrk, the most famous is the annual Beskid Culture Week.

Beskid Culture Week (BCW) is one of the largest folk events in the country and the world. Usually, more than 100 folk bands from different countries appear on it, and during the event, mountain villages are all about the music! Evening concerts take place in many places at the same time, and they are also accompanied by street processions, fairs, and art fairs. BCW is a colorful party that adds color to every summer!

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Another event, of a different type, is the annual Wondół Challenge Mountain Festival held in Szczyrk and… Gliwice. It is a festival of people who love mountains and sport, during which there are many meetings with travelers, climbers, runners – people for whom mountains and sport are the greatest passion. Each time there is also a review of mountain and travel films, there are also reports from expeditions, journeys, and workshops.

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Events in Bielsko also worth noting – Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa or Jazzowa Jesień


Bielsko Cultural Center

Polish Theater

Cinema Studio at the Drawing Film Studio in Bielsko

Janosik cinema in Żywiec

GOK in Wilkowice (Urban Cultural Center in Wilkowice)

Festival of Kwaśnica and the Amphitheater near Grójec in Żywiec